1 August 2012

Buttered Baked Potato Flavour Crisps (M&S) [By @Cinabar]

Oh my word. What sits in front of me is packet of crisps that I deem to be legendary. These may well sell ‘New’ on their label, but I assure you these are more of a re-launch than a new product. At one time these were my favourite flavour crisps bar none, and then they disappeared. Several companies tried to mimic the jacket potato flavour, but most didn’t quite hit the spot for me. Seabrooks version was an epic fail. I was left wishing for the bag of crisps I remembered from years ago.
Seeing these on the shelf in M&S on Saturday was, to finally find a situation where this word seems appropriate, amazballs. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I picked up several bags, and kept checking the packets to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. I also scoured the ingredients to ensure that they hadn’t had a sudden addition of ‘sugar’ (looking at you Seabrooks) and that they matched my memories of them.
They are a thinly cut crinkle crisp, and looked just as I remember them. I’m even fairly sure they used to be in the healthier range, so the lower fat message seemed familiar too. The taste was amazing. It is a surprisingly intense flavour, but the butter is super creamy and smooth, with a hint of salt and brings out the jacket potato taste too. It’s quite full on, and seems as if there should be plenty of butter smothered all over them, but all that is visible is a gentle golden dusting. One thing is for sure, they don’t taste low fat!
The light crunch of the crisps makes these very moreish, as they melt in your mouth after the first bite and you find yourself reaching for another. The crinkles in each crisp certainly mean that they come loaded with seasoning and that is probably what makes these taste like they have concentrated butter all over them. I like the flavour because they feel wrong, naughty even. A little bit like when you were a kid and you used to get a few sachets of butter in a cafe with a scone, and you’d use them all and layer it real thick and you were practically eating more butter than scone! I say “as a kid” but equally I could substitute “like Spectre does whenever he is having scones in a cafe”! :-D
I realise that these won’t be to everyone’s taste, as they are rich, but if you ever thought that you’d like a crisp that tastes like it’s been dipped in butter, then these are the crisps you’ve been looking for. They work for me, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see them back!
By Cinabar


  1. You've convinced me enough to give them a try! I will buy some tomorrow!

  2. Did you try them? What did you think?

  3. No but's. It's got to be butter!!
    Have you ever tried American butter, btw? Don't bother. It's wretched.

  4. Gkd they started making them again . I can't wait to try a packet . i had them many years ago

  5. Low fat too - so perfect for anyone having a healthy January.

  6. I'm not a big crisp fan but I'm addicted to these, they are delicious. I just wish they would come in smaller bags as I just can't stop eating..

  7. They are the original and the best ;-)

  8. my husband loves
    jacket potato
    crisps he will love these

  9. But they've gone again. M&S have stopped selling them. Gutted! Best flavour crisps ever.


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