10 August 2012

Chocolate By Genevie – Black Heart Selection Box [By @Cinabar]

Occasionally at Foodstuff Finds we are lucky enough to get things sent to us, and I recently received a fabulous box of chocolates to try out, from a company called Chocolate By Genevie. I was rather pleased when it arrived that the box and packaging was an ideal size to fit through the letter box hassle free. They are a family business, complete with an online shop selling hand-made chocolates.
The chocolates are beautifully presented in a smart black box, with a gold cord, and a heart shaped window. They arrived in perfect condition, despite a journey via Royal Mail. Inside the box is a mixed selection of chocolates from the company, including white, milk and dark. There is a good choice in the box, from coffee through to praline and truffles.
Each of the chocolates is made very well, and decorated with neat detail. The quality of the chocolates was excellent, and each one of them was a treat to try. The dark chocolate coffee praline had the most amazing light texture, and a delicate coffee flavour which was milky and reminiscent me of hot mochas. The truffles were the round chocolates, and they had a fabulous thick shell encasing a silky flavoursome filling. The dark chocolate one was divine, balancing an intense cocoa with a lovely sweet aftertaste. My favourite chocolate in the range was the white chocolate hazelnut praline, as it had just such an amazing flavour. The white chocolate was thick, full of vanilla and creamy tones and just as it melts away on the palate the sweet nutty praline shines through and mellow the taste. It is an outstanding chocolate, combing two rich complex flavours in perfect harmony. I’d be quite happy to eat a box of these one their own!!
It has been lovely to try a new make of chocolates, and find something a little bit special. It just goes to show that flavour wise a small family business really can compete with the big brands. If your are looking to buy a special gift for the chocoholic in your life and want something a bit more independent, I really would suggest giving Chocolate By Genevie a try.
By Cinabar

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