13 August 2012

Orchard Pig – Totally Minted (@Orchardpig House of Fraser) [By @cinabar]

Saturday was a bit too warm to be out shopping really. It was nice because the shops seemed quieter than usual, but I was aware I was missing some of the finals summer days of sunshine outside.
As it was a bit warm we stopped for a break and I fancied something super refreshing to cool me down. Scouring the shelves in the House of Fraser restaurant chiller cabinet, this fine drink caught my eye. Its name Totally Minted made think it might just be the most refreshing drink available there.
The ingredients include pink grapefruit juice, garden mint and lime, how could anything be more energizing than that? As the drink is made by Orchard Pig, I can also confirm it is sweetened with apple juice, their usual product.
As I poured the light yellow drink into glasses, the aroma of mint was quite something. The drink is fizzy, but it is only lightly carbonated and I would call it “gently sparkling”. The drink flavour is a true treat for the taste buds, and I have never tasted anything like it. It is quite zingy, and sharp and has tons of garden mint mixed in. The mint is the major flavour, and it does the herb proud. It has the grassy taste of the herb, but the cooling menthol is there en-masse. The grapefruit juice and lime add a sour twinge to every mouthful, and give each sip a lovely twist.
This is the perfect hot weather drink, its mix of sharp fruits, and fresh mint just hit the taste buds perfectly and cool you down. All we need now are a few more summery days to enjoy it during. Indian Summer anyone?
By Cinabar

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