28 August 2012

OhSo – Good For You Chocolate [@Ohso_Chocolate] [By @Cinabar]

Every so often you hear the odd story on the news about how chocolate is actually good for you, and you let yourself believe it because it is what we all want to hear. This particular bar of chocolate has it written on the wrapper, so it’s pretty determined to prove a point. It’s actually a daily (mini) bar of chocolate which delivers a dose of two different probiotics.
I’ll be honest and confess I am not the most qualified person when it comes to probiotics, but I took the time to google the contents, and was quite impressed at the potential health benefits for teh digestive system. My only experience of probiotics prior to this was trying one several years back in the form of an unflavoured drink, which tasted nasty, and I left it at that. That was until I heard about OhSo making these chocolate bars with probiotics in. Delivering the probiotic via a chocolate bar means that it lasts 3x longer than a yoghurt drink, which is impressive in itself. It also gives you an excuse to have a daily chocolate bar, which isn’t a bad thing!
The chocolate itself is quite small, but it does only contain 72 calories per bar. The flavour was seriously good. It is a dark chocolate, and is moulded into tiny chocolate cubed pieces on top of the bar which look seriously cute. The bar has a sharp snap and is quite a firm hard chocolate. I was really impressed by the taste, its sweet and rich and clearly of good quality. There is no hint of anything else, no yoghurt taste, nothing other than a good dark Belgian chocolate. You would never know that there were probiotics hidden within.
It is the kind of chocolate that would be a pleasure to have as a daily treat, and I think it makes a wonderful alternative to the yoghurt drinks and says it is more efficient at delivering the probiotics too. I’m not sure what I was expecting, perhaps some weird background flavour in the chocolate, but they have managed to produce a very healthy and excellent tasting bar.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I want to believe it may be good for me...wishful thinking! Where did you get these from?

cinabar said...

I think you have to get them through the OhSo website. https://www.ohsolovesyourtummy.com

They are only small - so the can't be that bad for you - and they are packed with good for you things - honest ;-)