14 August 2012

Ko Lee – Go Noodles – Thai Hot and Spicy Tom Yum flavour (ASDA) [By @SpectreUK]

The bright colourful cardboard carton of this Ko Lee: Go Noodles, Thai Hot and Spicy Tom Yum flavour jumped out at me from the shelf in the local supermarket. Manufactured by Kohlico, the print on the carton says; “An authentic product of China”, which aroused my curiosity, as well as Tom Yum being one of my favourite flavours of soup. Underneath the plastic lid there was a plastic fork, a sachet of flavour base mix (with added bits of red pepper, peas, sweet corn, chives and carrots) and a solid block of fine noodles. I decided to use a metal fork, as plastic forks never seem to last long before bending in freshly boiled water. I poured boiling water into the carton of solid noodles, mixed in the sachet’s flavour base contents, stirred and left to cool whilst I prepared that lunchtime’s movie, which was Centurion. The noodles softened and soaked up most of the water, and the flavour base mix blended in easily. I watched the film whilst eating the noodle soup, with some bread and Chipsticks on the side. I found the noodle soup very tasty, with a good heat from the hot and spicy flavour. There was a mild tom yum taste to the noodle soup, with tomato, ginger, lemongrass and garlic standing out in the flavour, leaving a pleasant aftertaste following every mouthful. Centurion was a great film, with some cool fight scenes, and was nice and gory in places. I would buy this Ko Lee Thai Hot and Spicy Tom Yum flavour again. It was a filling and healthy feeling lunch, with the bread and crisps and yoghurt to finish off with. Another bonus was the cheap price of the noodle soup. I reckon it’s perfect for hard up students and those of us (like me) who can’t cook to save their lives!
By Spectre

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Liana said...

I love the chicken flavour of these; I much prefer the thin, Chinese style noodle to Pot Noodles and the like.