31 August 2012

Elizabeth Shaw – Crisp Collection [By @Cinabar]

I am a big fan of Elizabeth Shaw chocolates, but I have to say I do tend to associate the brand with mints. I do like mint, and they seem to make the perfect after dinner choice, but that really was as far as I had got with the Elizabeth Shaw brand.
I was excited to hear that the brand had got a new box of choccies out, with four, non mint, flavours. The chocolate are still in the disc format and foiled covered. The box is rather pretty, with its teaser window showing off the contents and inside all the chocolate are stacked ready to try.

Cocoa Crunch
This fantastic rich dark chocolate oozes flavour, but the texture is something else. It is full of cocoa nibs, which somehow make it both crunchy and smooth at the same time. It is like magic, I love this chocolate for the texture, its weirdly satisfying to munch on. The chocolate is dark and flavoursome and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Milk Butterscotch Crisp
This creamy sweet milk chocolate has multiple pieces of slightly hard caramel within. It’s a sweet treat, but I liked the flavours. The texture isn’t too sticky, but the golden caramel does melt a little in the mouth. It’s not quite a sweetness overload, but the creamy milk chocolate delivers a treat for the sweet toothed.

Milk Honeycomb Crisp
Oh my, this is very similar to the Milk Butterscotch Crisp. The honeycomb in this one is a bit more like brown sugar, and the texture starts crispy but does go a little more soft than the other. It’s a good chocolate, but it isn’t significantly different to the other chocolate disc.

Caramel Crisp
There is a lovely rich dark chocolate taste, sweetened by crispy but sticky sweet caramel. It’s a rich chocolate experience but it’s very enjoyable. It almost has a hint of honey about the flavour, and the sweetness is balanced nicely by the darker tone of rich cocoa.

I was impressed by the four chocolate inside the box, and all are lovely. The two milk chocolate ones are quite similar, but still both tasty. I found myself favouring the dark chocolate and I was absolutely fascinated by the texture of the Cocoa Crunch. If you buy these as an after dinner treat nobody will be disappointed, but my advice would be to try and keep the Cocoa Crunch ones to yourself! Seriously yum!
By Cinabar

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