21 August 2012

LOL – O RANJ [Apple & Orange Drink] [By @Cinabar]

I was doing some shopping in Birmingham the other week and my eyes caught sight of a promotional stand giving out soft drinks. The marketing staff were dressed in black, and looked quite ‘cool’ and authoritative. The stand looked quite trendy, and I felt the brand was aiming itself at the late teen market. The drink is called LOL, a favourite acronym of mine, it has a slightly aggressive looking smiley on the front of the can. The colours are quite dark, and the misspelled orange ‘O RANJ’. The drink is trying to look rebellious, naughty and a little unruly. Its name is almost a code that people over a certain age won’t get. It’s the kind of drink I suspect teens would think looked cool.
Interesting then that this slightly edgy looking drink, should contain no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine and no artificial colourings and not actually be anything that an adult would look down upon. It also contains one of your five a day, which is just a little bit good for you. This amused me, its packaging design seems quite distant from its ingredients list!
That aside, I gave the drink a try. The drink is lightly carbonated, and not too fizzy. The flavour tastes natural, and wasn’t that sweet, which makes sense when you put it into context as it has no added sugar. The flavour was fresh, the orange was sharp and reminded me of clementines and there was a gentle hint of apple to finish. A very pleasant combination. I totally enjoyed the drink, and was surprised by its different taste, its pop but it’s not too sweet. I’m honestly not sure how this will go down with the teen market, but for me it worked well, and I am usually famed for my sweet tooth. Refreshingly different.
By Cinabar

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