30 August 2012

Walkers Stars - Salt and Vinegar flavour (Co-op)

I'm not a massive crisp eater. My snack food of choice is firmly biscuits and pastries, and as such I'm very much a casual outsider when crisp related things are released.

Kettle chips and similar are consumed at parties and when purchased for the house but it takes a special offer to tempt me to pick up little bags. I did quite fancy these when I saw them in the co-op - a pound for six bags.

The bags are seemingly a normal size, but you don't feel like you get many at all. I put this down to the portion size guidelines and a futile attempt to lower the calories and fat. I say futile as it just means I get to eat two consecutive bags of crisps. This feels naughty and decadent in a 'fifty flavours of crisps' kind of way, which probably wasn't the intention. These are baked crisps which is probably why they leapt into my basket - the closer to biscuits the better - and again this is a health consideration.

No sacrifices have been made on the flavour - its the usual salt and vinegar and is slightly less sharp than Discos are but still titillating to the taste bids. The size of the crisps themselves is enormous compared to most of the things you get. They would be a great thing for a toddler to behold. There were few broken ones in the bag too, a surprise considering the size, but a testament to the solid, crispiness of the individual stars.

I won't buy a massive amount of these but then I don't buy many crisps at all. If I do fancy a little crunchy snack though these will be a good option - if the world is out of biscuits.

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