11 August 2012

Melville’s Raspberry Fruit Beer (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve never been wholly keen on fruit beers ever since Cinabar coxed me into writing for this blog and then started to torture me with them for her own sadistic amusement. They are usually far too sweet, with no reminiscence of beer, and more likely to taste like a fizzy fruit pop. Melville’s Raspberry Fruit Beer was produced in Edinburgh by Innis & Gunn, and was made with natural cold pressed Scottish fruit for freshness and fuller flavour than regular concentrates. The Glen Ample raspberry juice was then brewed with British malt, hops, yeast and water. The fruit beer was 4.1% volume and presented in a 275ml bottle with a smart 1920’s style design on the label that oozed class and sophistication. The label recommended to “serve over ice”, but I didn’t have any to hand, so I made sure the fruit beer was nice and cold from the fridge. The beer was deep red in colour and smelt of strong sweet raspberries, which sent my alarm bells ringing before tasting. Considering this fruit beer smelt so sweet and heavily of raspberries, the taste was surprisingly smooth, tasting very much like a refreshing raspberry shandy. Thankfully the Glen Ample raspberry juice had left me some beer taste to savour. There is also a Strawberry Fruit beer in the Melville’s range that I’m certain Cinabar will have to hunt out for me, but after tasting this fruit beer, I’m sure it won’t be all that bad... I may even be able to find some ice from somewhere. ;-)
By Spectre

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