19 August 2012

Lindt Creation – Lindt Velvety Vanilla Almond (@LindtUK) [By @Cinabar]

I recently wrote about the new Dark Sumptuous Orange bar from Lindt, and I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t the only new flavour that they have out at the minute. I also have a bar of this new Lindt Vanilla & Almond variety, which is made with a milk chocolate base. The filling includes an almond mousse, complete with pieces of almond and a caramel layer too. As I have a rather sweet tooth, and a love of all things nuts and chocolate this looked like the perfect bar for me.
The chocolate pieces are quite chunky, but it has to be said don’t look quite as deep in real life as they do on the photograph. Having said that, they do seem to pack in a fair amount of filling.
The chocolate chunks really are quite sweet, even by my standards! The almond truffle is light, and creamy and had a nice gentle nutty taste with a hint of vanilla. The sweet milk chocolate and the rich brown sugar caramel does over power it somewhat though. I like nuts, but this wasn’t a proper nutty taste, and the almond wasn’t that distinct, not even a hint of marzipan about it, which was sort of what I was expecting. The milk chocolate coating is super silky and has loads of milky cocoa tones that really do take the main spot, the only hint form the almond is a bit in the texture. It is a very sweet treat, and not a bar I could scoff as it is very rich. It is nice with a cup of coffee to help contrast some of the sweetness, but it might be a bit much for the average nut lover.
By Cinabar

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