26 August 2012

Jordans Luxury Absolute Nut [by @NLi10]

Jordans Luxury Absolute Nut

I turned up to work one day to find this cereal bar on my desk, donated to the cause by a kind colleague.  She tends to try to find the healthier snacks (but also the more luxurious ones) so this simple bar was particularly suited to her.  I took an angled picture as throughout the days where I had it waiting to be consumed that large nut in the centre kept enticing me.  I decided to add this as an almost mini review as it was interesting enough for comment, but there really isn't a massive amount to say.

Throughout the bar there are actually a large number of other nuts that are paler in colour, as well as the usual crisp brown cereal. This was an unexpected boon, as here the cereal is basically just to hold the nuts together which gives a different texture and taste than usual.  It was less sweet than I expected and much more akin to eating a handful of nuts.  I liked it, and would choose to eat it again.  You don't really see single cereal bars on sale of this size so I think I'd have to pick up a box to share out myself.

I think that there are more luxurious cereal bars on the market for those willing to hunt for them, but for a mainstream company like Jordans to do something that little bit more interesting is nice, and was well worth writing up.

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bob said...

That's almost a full almond I see in there!
Looks like they've gotten it right.