22 August 2012

Boxerchips Honey and English Mustard Potato Crisps (Selfridges) [By @SpectreUK]

I have previously tried Boxerchips’ Crackpot Pepper and Salty Salt flavour and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ve also tried Seabrook’s Mustard flavoured crisps, and thoroughly enjoyed those too. So mustard flavoured Boxerchips with added honey sounded like an excellent idea. I figured there’d be mustard to tenderize my taste buds, but also sweetness to smooth the nose tingling burn. Made in Dublin, these limited edition Honey and English Mustard flavour crisps were boxed in the same elegant space saving manner (see photograph of inside of box) as the other Boxerchips I’ve tried. The 40g box had 190 calories, with 9.8g of fat and 1.9g of sugar. On opening, these crisps had a luscious sweet honey and spicy mustard smell to them. These crisps not only smelt great, but they tasted great as well. No first and last flavours here, as both flavours were balanced perfectly together, which surprised me greatly as both flavours were so different. There was the sweetness from the honey merged with a spicy medium heat from the mustard. They had a sweet yet slight nose burny texture to them that was altogether savoury and produced a sumptuous treat to my taste buds with every bite. I could have happily eaten a massive box of these crisps. Personally I think it’s an absolute crime if Boxerchips stop making these limited edition crisps. They should make them in bigger boxes instead… ;-)
By Spectre

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