4 August 2012

Sun Exotic Tropical (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I’m always on the lookout for a refreshing drink after I’ve had one of my meager workouts. This sparkling Sun Exotic Tropical drink was made with real fruit juice, by Rubicon, in London. There were approximately 164 calories in the 330ml can. I say; “approximately”, as the print on the can stated that there were 54 calories per 100ml. I found this a bit frustrating as they should just tell you straight how many calories are in the drink, rather than make you work it out to exact milliliter. Although I suppose it does keep the mind working whilst you drink, but I prefer to concentrate on drinking, just in case I choke! The ingredients included; orange, pineapple, apple, guava, passionfruit, mango, and banana (oh, no… many a fruit drink and smoothie has been ruined by banana… and beer!). The sparkling tropical drink contained 11% fruit juice, though I’m unsure of the exact breakdown of all the fruity ingredients previously mentioned within that 11%. The drink was also free from artificial sweeteners and suitable for vegetarians. On initial taste the mango flavour stood out, which made me wince a little as I don’t really like mango all that much, but this was replaced by passionfruit and guava, followed closely behind by pineapple and orange. This tropical fruit drink did what it said on the front of the can, as it was definitely “Tropical”. The sparkling drink was very sweet, having an exquisitely fruity taste, and was very refreshing to drink. I became used to the initial mango hit and all of the flavours seemed to line up in a beautiful party Conga treating my taste buds to a flourish of flavours. There is a banana aftertaste, but for a change the banana flavour didn’t spoil the drink in any way. I felt very refreshed after drinking, and I would absolutely have this drink again, and not just after a workout… it can at least remind me of hot weather, as I look at the rain through the window!
By Spectre

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