5 August 2012

Carling Zest (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

This Carling Zest was brewed in the Carling Brewery, in Burton Upon Trent. At 2.8% volume this lager was marketed as a “Refreshing summer lager, with a hint of natural citrus” on the label on the 330ml bottle. When I was a barman (many many... many years ago) lager and lime was a very popular drink, especially amongst the ladies, and still is I’m sure. Although it wasn’t thought of as a summer drink then and was drunk all year round, so I don’t think this lager should be thought of as just a summer limited edition either.
There was a strong lime smell to the lager on opening the bottle. There was indeed a very refreshing lime citrus taste to the lager, stronger than the lime added to the top of a bottle of Corona (a keen favourite of mine, especially drunk whilst visiting the local Pizza Hut), but not as strong as a lager and lime in the local pub. There was also a strong aftertaste of lime. I must admit, I did rather enjoy this Carling Zest, and felt mildly in touch with what feminine side I could find whilst watching a particularly bendy episode of Nikita. I’m surprised brewers haven’t come up with this lager and lime idea and mass produced it before. What next; lager and black? Heaven forbid… although I am partial to the odd rum and black!
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

Lots of brands jumped on the lager and lime wagon, a few years ago...

Fosters Twist was one of the more popular ones, even Becks had a Lime version at one point.

This however...is the first time its been done on a ridiculously low ABV%...