16 August 2012

The Berry Company Pomegranate & MUNE Healthy Water (Holland & Barrett)

The Berry Company Pomegranate & MUNE Healthy Water (Holland & Barrett)

After my reminiscence about Holland & Barrett style health food shops (the actual one in the story was an independant one in Walsall that is long gone) I decided to see what they had for the health conscious young man these days.  Turns out it's pretty much just protein supplements in massive plastic tubs (for people who haven't realised that without the massive exercise it just turns your waste products into play-doh)!  At the back they had the usual drinks like Purdey's but also had a section for Pomegranate drinks which I love.  They had two I didn't recognise.

Drunk first was The Berry Company Pomegranate juice.  This was far too small for my liking and felt overpriced, but as it was next to the other fortified Pomegranate drinks like PomGreat which 'add stuff' I figured it was like that.  Turns out it's just juice - but perfectly solid juice.  It's less sweet than Rubicon and less strong than POM wonderful style things but perfectly drinkable if not unexciting.

Second up (after a pause to allow for the tastebuds to realign) was the MUNE healthy water.  I have a less successful track record with weak flavoured drinks so wasn't expecting much.  This is similar to the others in that it's essentially water+ but does have enough of a flavour to be noticeable - presumably to cover up all the extra things from natural sources that are artificially added in.  

Unless your product actually grows in the bottles on a tree then at least part of it has been artificially added in - even if it's really good healthy things!  As a consumer we don't mind you sticking things in as long as there is a reason.  Artificially adding in natural things to make it taste nicer is a bonus!  This isn't strong enough in flavour for me and I'd have been just as happy with a weak cordial - guessing my body liked all the extras very hard to tell from such a small 'dose'.

Overall I think that I'd stick to my regular brands, but there did seem to be other things to try in H&B that I may go back for (although I did turn down the loyalty card on the basis that I hadn't been in in years!).

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