15 August 2012

Lindt Creation – Dark Sumptuous Orange (@LindtUK) [By @Cinabar]

Lindt chocolate always feels like a bit of a treat. It’s a posh chocolate, and one synonymous with being a bit special. I do like their creativity when it comes to bars, from covering the basics like caramel through to the weird Wasabi, they seem to have most bases covered (not coffee, but that’s another story).
They have brought a selection of new bars out for summer, and I obviously couldn’t resist giving them a try. First up is this Sumptuous Orange bar, made with dark chocolate.
The pieces of chocolate in the bar are filled with a rich chocolate orange and orange rind filling. The taste of the dark chocolate was impressive; it had lot of flavour, and a slightly bitter edge. This contrasted perfectly with the filling; the orange wasn’t overly sweet but had a certain zesty full flavour reminiscent of Saville oranges. In fact it would be fair to say that there was a rich hint of marmalade about it, and that combines beautifully with the dark chocolate. It made me want to try chocolate spread and marmalade on the same piece of toast…. but I digress. This isn’t just a plain chocolate and orange mix, its strong flavours blended to perfection.
I liked the texture of the bar too, with the dark chocolate being fairly soft, and the filling light, but giving a bit of texture through the pieces of orange rind within in.
This wasn’t the sickly sweet bar it could have been, it was a well put together and balanced bar, with a nice mature edge. I liked the zesty flavour of orange, and rich tones of chocolate and thought it made an excellent, grown-up, treat.
By Cinabar

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