25 August 2012

Scampi Supper – Scampi and Lemon Flavour Corn Snacks (ASDA) [By @spectreuk]

I’ve always loved scampi flavoured crisps ever since I first saw them in the pub at a young age, when the pint I was holding was almost as tall as me. Leaving the times when I used to dress up as a Hobbit consigned to the past, I still had to give these Scampi and Lemon flavoured corn snacks from the Pub Original brand, by Freshers Foods in Wigan, a try, and with at least one pint of beer. While my eyes could still focus I had a quick look at the back of the 55g bag for the nutritional values. The values were per 100g servings, which even before I opened the can of beer I couldn’t work out in my head to the exact gramme of what 55g of 100g of 18.1g of fat, or 444 calories or 8.5g of sugar was… ‘bout half, Lad!” my beerless brain exclaimed. Happy at that notion I took a quick read of the ingredients, which included; corn flour, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, sunflower oil, yeast powder, citric acid, salt, and sugar, amongst other things. The allergy warning stated that these scampi corn shells contained lactose, wheat, gluten and soya (at least half of which was probably already in the beer!), however, they were vegetarian friendly. I’m not sure I am though personally, as a big blood soaked piece of juicy red meat makes me salivate at the mouth. Having thought of meat and buckets of blood, and eating fishy crisps washed down with beer, I decided to re-watch Jaws (the first movie of course, as the others…. well, meh!) for the millionth time. There was a very strong fishy scampi smell when I opened the Scampi Supper bag. There was plenty of hollow corn shell shaped snacks inside the bag (see photo). The scampi shells were very light (hence the fact that the bag weighed in at 55g and there were loads of them), very crispy and crunchy, and they had a very tasty scampi, lemon, corn and rapeseed flavour mixed with the extra salty seaside taste. These Scampi Supper corn snacks went very well indeed with the gory fishy horror film with their seaside feel. They made me rather thirsty and I had to have more than a couple of beers whilst I watched the excellent movie. Pure classic, just like these corn snacks! ;-)
By Spectre


bob said...

And here I was scanning the packet for the all-important green 'V'. Hah!
These do look like something I'd actively (obsessively?) seek out, as the idea of Scampi and Chips combined in one herbivorous crunchy snack would make me squeal with delight.
And yes, I do make horribly annoying noises when I spot stuff like this in the supermarket. Something akin to a Stoat in heat that's just been run over by an old Ford Fiesta. Eek!

paulham said...

You know what they say, "There are only 2 things that smell like scampi flavoured snacks and this is one of them."

I hope you washed your fingers after eating them! ;)