8 August 2012

Rowntrees Squidgers [By @SpectreUK]

These almost cube like shapes came in a very colourful 150g bag with four colours available, which were; pink, orange, white and purple. The ingredients had no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and included real fruit juice such as apple, strawberry, blackcurrent and orange, as well as pepper, carrot, hibiscus and black carrot. Per 100g there was 329 calories, with 0.2g of fat and 65.9g of sugar. These sweets were lovely and squidgy (hence the name) with a foam like texture. Pink had a sweet strawberry hit. White had a sugar sweet apple flavour. Whilst Orange had a strong bubblegum type orange flavour, and Purple a zingy blackcurrant flavour. All tasted fantastically fruity and very moreish indeed. I just had to keep squeezing them and dropping one after another into my mouth, savouring each flavour until all the foam sweets had gone. Their squidginess made me feel young and ever so slightly naughty for keeping them all to myself, but there was no one else in the office at the time, so all the more for me!
By Spectre

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Jo said...

65.9g sugar per 100g?! That means that over 65% of the whole product was made from sugar. Hope you have a good dentist ;)