27 August 2012

Baker Days Personalised Cake: Foodstuff Finds 4th Birthday [By @cinabar]

Wow – August has been a bit of an amazing month here at Foodstuff Finds. Firstly August marks the month that we hit one million pageviews! I have to say the hits are still coming in nicely, and we are really pleased that you guys like what we are doing. :-)
August is also exciting because it marks our 4th birthday. Yes it’s been four whole years since I mentioned the idea of Foodstuff Finds to friends and family, and the day the first post went live. We have been writing a daily foodie updated since 2008! I’m pleased to say we still have just as much enthusiasm for finding interesting goodies to taste and try and tell you about! We hope the blog goes on for many more years to come too!
Baker Days very kindly sent us a Personalised Cake to celebrate. One of the things the company offers is really quite innovative, and that it the idea of letterbox cakes. These letterbox cakes are small cakes that feed 3-4 people but post easily and as the name implies, fit through the letterbox no problem at all. Baker Days do offer all different sizes of cakes on their site, but if you are sending the cake to someone who works and probably won’t be in when the delivery man arrives, then this letterbox cake does offer piece of mind.
We had a beautifully iced chocolate cake sent to us for our celebration, with a rich chocolaty sponge. Inside the box there was a little card, some balloons, candles and the cake was very safely packaged even in its own tin.
I loved the look of this cake, although I have to admit it was quite small. It was just right for three of us, but that is fair as that is the same as the guidance on the site. The icing was beautifully decorated, showing slices of other cakes and having our birthday greeting on the front. It was soft icing and gave pleasingly when the cake was cut. The sponge inside was fluffy and light and had a lovely rich chocolate flavour. They do a range of other cake types from carrot to fruit cake and even gluten free! Ours was the “Double Chocolate Chip Cake” and was packed full of chocolaty goodness. There was sweet cocoa based butter cream too which helped keep the cake light and moist. It went perfectly with the icing and made a very naughty feeling treat. I am thoroughly impressed at the quality of this product, and the clever packaging to ensure it arrived safely. It is such a good idea and the cake was baked to perfection.
I wanted to say a big thank you to Baker Days for sending us our beautiful prezzie, and letting us sample there gorgeous cakes. Also a big thank you to all the readers for helping to make Foodstuff Finds what it is. Here is to the future and many more happy years. :-)
By Cinabar


bob said...

Happy Birthday Foodstuff Finds!
That's one fantastic looking cake, btw. Almost too pretty to eat.

Rodzilla said...

happy bday!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your food posts... all this cool english/american stuff I can't get here in Germany -.-

cinabar said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes ;-)