14 July 2012

Essential Waitrose Onion Rings [By @SpectreUK]

Some would say onions rings are the essential snack for sharing amongst friends whilst watching a good long movie. It seems both Waitrose and I agree on that, although having said that, I sat down to a documentary about hurricanes whilst eating these Essential Waitrose Onion Rings. I’d just been to a job interview and filled my car with petrol at the garage next to the local Waitrose supermarket. I always fill up there, as my aging car loves the best of fuels. Something else we have in common, as I’m not only aging, but I also love the best of foods. Especially snack food. On this particular occasion, I’d been to a job interview that seemed to have gone rather well for a change, as they are usually a complete disaster, and it was coming up to lunchtime and I suddenly had a craving for onion rings. I went to pay for the fuel in the store and the first thing I clapped eyes on was this bag of onion rings sitting prettily on a shelf. The 100g bag with 506 calories, 5.7g of sugar and 28.3g of fat was begging for me to buy them to munch on. The ingredients were vegetarian friendly including no artificial colours or flavourings, with maize, rapeseed oil, fried onion flavour, semolina, leek extract, garlic powder and paprika for colour. The texture of the rings was light, fluffy and deliciously crunchy, with a strong onion and leek taste, polished off with garlic and rapeseed. The only mistake I made was to think that these were just another bag of onion rings. These are the Essential Onion Rings and will be forever on my shopping list from now on. I also got the job and start in a month or so. Bonus! ;-)
By Spectre


Simon said...

What is the dipping sauce there? don't leave us hanging!

cinabar said...

Marks & Spencer Pesto Mayo... and heaven it is too :-)