24 July 2012

Soreen - Two Buttered Slices (Sainsbury’s) [By @SpectreUK]

When I was a child (all those years ago…) my mom used to make my packed lunch for me for school. One of the items I usually found in my lunch box was two sliced and buttered pieces of Soreen malt loaf. As they were stuck together and wrapped in cling film, they were quite difficult to tear apart and eat separately. One malt loaf piece would generally steal most of the butter from the other slice. However I always enjoyed eating these two pieces, especially the more buttery slice. Nowadays I make my own pack lunch and usually have fig biscuits as my afternoon snack.

This new packet of two buttered slices of Soreen malt loaf is a great idea as an alternative to opening a whole malt loaf, slicing and eating it over a number of days, especially when it’s best to eat the malt loaf on the day of opening for freshness. The packet stated “The original malt loaf”, just in case non-believers out there thought that Soreen had changed the recipe. The malt loaf’s ingredients included; wheat flour, malted barley flour, dried whey (from cows’ milk), and raisins, amongst other things. At 208 calories, there was 6.7% butter on the slices, although how the old dinner lady with a knife and bucket of butter measured it out so exactly on each slice I’ll never know! Allergy advice on the packet stated that the slices contained gluten, barley, wheat and milk. The back of the packet recommended eating the buttered malt loaf with either cheese for savory, or jam or honey for a sweeter dessert. I have always preferred my buttered malt loaf straight for the full flavour, as it’s just so tasty without the need for adding any other bits and bobs to it.

On opening the packet, there was two fresh looking malt loaf slices stuck together. After carefully tearing the two pieces apart, I noticed the same old story replaying itself from all those (many, many… many) years ago, with the butter being mostly stolen by one piece of malt loaf. With the absence of a knife, I ate the piece with the least amount of butter on it first, leaving the buttery slice to last as a treat. Both malt loaf pieces had the usual Soreen healthy feeling fruity tasting goodness, and the butter added to the sweetness. I enjoyed eating both pieces, especially the one with the most butter on it. I reckon I’ll have one of these packets of two buttered slices of malt loaf in my lunch box to mix up my afternoon snacks from now on.
By Spectre

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