17 July 2012

Kelloggs Froot Loops [UK Edition] (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

We write about a lot of goodies here at Foodstuff Finds, and we are quite happy to write about imported items too. So you may be forgiven for thinking that these have come from Cybercandy or some other fabulous specialist shop, but I assure you these Froot Loops were found in Waitrose.
Kelloggs are giving them a trial in the UK this summer to see how they go on British supermarket shelves. As almost every import shop I know stocks the US version, I suspect they will be a bit of a success. Now I have a confession, although I have seen these many a time before at the importers I have never actually tasted them before. I think that after I give the British ones a sample, I will have to go and get a US box and review them and do a bit of a comparison.
Back to the UK version for now. The box is fun and colourful and even has a puzzle on the back to amuse you at the breakfast table. I opened up the box and poured myself a bowl full. There were three colours of loops in the box, orange, purple and green. Here in the UK we are all a bit nervous over food colourings, so I would like to assure you now these are naturally coloured using blackcurrant, spinach and even carrots – so nothing artificial there, and no vegetable flavours shine through. Also the colours were a little more muted than I expected, but then I have had Lucky Charms before so had some American expectations to the brightness of the product. I love that Lucky Charms turn the milk blue/green!
I have to be honest although there is a vague fruitiness about this cereal, it wasn’t as flavoursome as I was expecting. I did try to pick out the individual flavours of the loops but I was struggling. I was aware of a vague citrus flavour that seemed to linger in the milk but nothing more specific than that. I found the sugar to be well balanced, they are sweet but nothing over the top and it made for a pleasant cereal. The wheat taste of the loops shone through too, and that felt a lot more wholesome than I imagined.
I actually thoroughly enjoyed the cereal and would recommend it to all, it’s a subtle tasty flavour, in pleasing natural colours. I am however going to have to buy a box of the American version to taste test, but I suspect it is like this but with the volume turned up! I also suspect they get more colours than us?
By Cinabar


  1. I enjoyed them too; not at all what I was expecting flavour wise but nice all the same.

    The texture is pretty good too, my loops sat in milk for a while and maintained some actual crunch rather than turning into a gloopy mess.

    I hope they stay, although I have my doubts that they'll remain on the shelves for too long given hiw overcrowded the cereal market is already.

  2. Dey need to bring back dose Lucky Charms, to be sure! ;)

  3. Pretty sure general mills made lucky charms, not heard of the brand "dey" ?

  4. They do taste different to American ones - not quite as sweet. The colours are different to the US ones too, more muted. But I hope they are a success here as I love Froot Loops!!

  5. I've been pining for froot loops for a long time since the few times I have imPorted them it has cost a looooott. Now that this has been announced I'm ex static

  6. My Husband was thrilled when I came home with a box from Waitrose the other day! Normally he gets a box for Birthdays and Christmas as they cost so much to get them from shops that import the American ones. I have to confess that I did a double take when I saw the box on the shelf- there was one box and no price ticket! (I thought they may not scan).
    Tomorrow is the big test as he is planning to eat a bowl of the American ones and then a bowl of UK ones to compare flavours! Cosidering he adds sugar to the American ones and reading reviews on here, I imagine the UK ones will not be sweet enough!

  7. Really pleased everyone is so happy to see these here. I hope sales go well and that they make them permanent, I know I've been back for a second box.

    Anon - do let us know what your husband thinks of them - hope he enjoys them. ;-)

  8. Those three-colored Froot Loops look absolutely identical to the ones available in Germany. The taste is almost absent when served with milk, so I prefer to eat the loops dry.

    I also tried american Froot Loops, about a decade ago. And it's a whole different story ! The colors were brighter, the taste stronger, and there were even some purple marshmallow bits thrown in the mix ! I probably got enough sugar for the whole day with just one serving.

  9. These r not the same as american ones these ones taste and look different usa ones have brighter colours and the taste is much better i think uk have taken all the colours and E numbers out¡ what a disappointment

  10. Shame - so it seems with have the 'light' version ;-/

  11. Soooo dissapointed with the UK version... they are like a cheerio that stays crunchy thats all.
    I remember been a lot younger and going to the u.s and these bad boys were so sweet and fruity (yes full of banned eu e-numbers and colours) but if your not going to make them the same they are just another boring shelf fuller!
    I am glad that we dont have a lot of the u.s food items as when we compare overweight kids im sure statistics are better for us.... but it'd of been nice to have the u.s version...at least just for a limited time.

  12. I noticed today that the large Tesco near us stock the American Apple Jacks and Chocolate Lucky Charms but sadly thy don't have any USA Froot Loops - otherwise I'd have tried them side by side.

  13. http://www.facebook.com/frootloopsuk

    Please visit our facebook page for our campaign to get the real froot loops to the UK. We need more followers, 100 so far!


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