3 July 2012

Jack Pots – Sweet Thai Chilli [By @Cinabar]

We review quite a few different crisps here at Foodstuff Finds, but it was brought to my attentions that we hadn’t written about anything from the Jack Pots range. Their crisps are all hand-cooked, 100% natural, they use potatoes from their farm in East Anglia and have a very British feel to them. Even the bright red bag has the outline of the Union Jack in the background.
The flavour feels a bit more exotic though, and as I have a love for spicy crisps It thought I’d give the Sweet Thai Chilli a try. They also make a much more traditional sounding Roast Beef and Horseradish variety which I will be writing about soon too.
The crisps are made with a good cut, not too thick, but enough to given a decent crunch and to allow the potato flavour to shine through. The seasoning was impressive, the heat was warm, and the flavour sweet and spicy. Although the heat wasn’t overly hot the bit of heat that there was enhanced the aromatic flavours. There is a good depth to the taste, and the variety and mix of spices in every bite gave them a good edge. I have to say they reminded me a little of sticky ribs in flavour and were thoroughly moreish and tasty.
I am looking forward to giving the Roast Beef and Horseradish crisps a try, as my first impression of the brand has been a really good one.
By Cinabar

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