4 September 2010

Penn State Spicy Jalfrezi Baked Deli Chips [By Spectre] (Waitrose)

I am a fan of brands that pretend to be from some far off place or another, and yet when you check where they were made it's just not where you thought it would be. These Jalfrezi crisps are no exception to the rule. Penn State chips (crisps) have a definite American feel to their packet design, from the black coloured packet down to the dead straight typeface and star in the logo. Indeed "Penn State" is the nickname for Pennsylvania State University in the USA. Penn State is mostly famous for its flavoured pretzels, which their website proudly states are the leading brand of pretzels in the UK and the finest on the market. Intersnack Limited manufactures these pretzels in County Durham, just outside Newcastle upon Tyne. Unfortunately for them I'm not a big pretzel fan, but I do like crisps. They call their crisps "chips", now how American is that? Spicy Jalfrezi doesn't sound like an American flavour though. Opening the packet I was first hit by the shear spice in the smell. Pow! Right in the kisser! Attempting to get my sight back after the odour, I tried to focus through blurred vision on something close by. I gazed at the packet and realised I didn't have a bowl to hand to meet their helpful serving suggestion. Instead I poured the large square flat chips (crisps) out into my lunch box. The crisps (chips) have a strong crunch to them, with their Jalfrezi spice and the large number of them, I was first worried that my mouth would dry up pretty quickly. I didn't have to worry though as these are no Snack A Jacks, but strongly spiced chips (crisps) that whet or wet the appetite. They have a moreish quality, leaving a lovely heat in the mouth and on the lips. The heat in these crisps (chips) make you want to keep eating, but not out of fear that if you stop you'll burn up like a Roman Candle or your head will explode in a ball of incandescent flames, but more out of the pleasure of the sensation. These chips (crisps) made me want to like pretzels. These crisps (chips) made me want to munch every one of Penn State's pretzel flavours. Having said that, I'll settle for their Sizzling Teriyaki chips (cri.... okay, okay... I'll stop). Penn State website has a very helpful flavour availability locater and I found that the Sizzling Teriyaki flavour is available in both Waitrose and Morrisons! I'll put on my pants (trousers), get my coat (er... jacket?), buy lots of chips (you know...) and bring them home in my trunk (hah... boot)!
By Spectre


Anonymous said...

These look lovely!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a fab website! Any chance you could indicate if things say they are suitable for vegetarians? I love you, thanks!

cinabar said...

Glad you both like the write up - and I will try and keep an eye out for the vegetarian labels.