24 January 2011

Aero Caramel (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

Well the Wispa Gold has disappeared (again) but Aero have stepped in and brought back their Aero Caramel to fill the void. When I opened the pack I was a little surprised to find that the bar is actually laid out as five pieces of chocolate in cubes. I was a little disappointed by this, as I feel that one of the advantages of Wispa Gold being a proper bar is that it gives itself a really chunky feel, but is easy to eat because the chocolate is aerated. This chunkiness was missing from the Aero Caramel because of the neat easy to eat pieces.
The Aero chocolate within the bar is the standard Aero milk chocolate that you will find in their regular bars. It is a sweet chocolate, but with a pleasant milky flavour. The caramel part has a nice texture, but isn’t overly runny or gooey. It is rather sweet, with a slight salty edge. The bar is about half bubbly chocolate and half caramel, and as both of the major ingredients are quite sweet, it does make for a very sugary experience. I actually had this bar with a cup of coffee, which helped balance the flavour, as well as making it a very nice afternoon treat.
It is a really nice chocolate experience, but the sweet hit might make it a bit much for some. If you have a sweet tooth though, I’ll think you’ll like this new bar.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

Cinabar, you really are way too kind to Nestle.
This is an appalling chocolate bar.
It is sweet.
That is it.
Any other flavours that it might just have are drowned out by the sheer sweetness of it.
The chocolate (if you can call it that) is very waxy and a travesty compared to the European chocolate that Nestle produce on the continent.
I now refuse to sponsor Nestle and their attempt to feed us trash confectionery.

cinabar said...

I think I just have a very sweet tooth... but Wispa Gold is the true king of aerated chocolate and caramel, its more buttery and it works better.
I'm on the look out for the new (old) Aero Orange too... when I find it I might try it out on a few people at work - get a more varied response for you.