25 January 2011

Denhay / Spoilt Pig Bacon (avail at Waitrose/Morrisons) Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Denhay bacon got in touch with us to remind us that this week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week, where we should all remember the benefits of having a good breakfast. They also very kindly sent through a sample of their Denhay and Spoilt Pig bacon, and suggested I make myself a decent breakfast.
Well, wanting to make this a special occasion, I whipped up some quick soda bread, had some fried bacon and added a selection of cheeses, olives and an egg resulting in the breakfast (okay brunch) of gods.

Both packs of bacon cooked very quickly, but we found that trying to keep some warm resulted in it becoming quite crispy a lot quicker than other bacon, this is possibly because traditional dry curing techniques are used.
In flavour though the bacon had a lovely traditional meaty taste which was stronger than regular bacon. The meat enhanced the tastes of the other ingredients on the plate, and was the star of the show perfect with the fresh soda bread.
So what did you all have for breakfast this morning? Hope you had a good start to the day too. :-)


Anonymous said...

Love this! What beautiful photography!!! Made me laugh hard this morning and its a welcome relief from all that glazed over m&s style food porn shots i've been seeing.

nicely done!

cinabar said...

If this picture made you laugh - you really need to check out the Halloween2010 photos for a very different version of food porn! ;-) There is a linky on the right hand side.


Dreich said...

Spoilt pig bacon is really nice.

cinabar said...

Yep - it has a lovely 'proper' taste :-)