7 January 2011

Skinny Latte & Chocolate Frappe [dessert] (Marks and Spencers) [by @cinabar]

Well it’s January, and we all know what that means – we have all eaten more than usual over Christmas, and some of us are trying to cut back. Marks and Spencer seems to have pre-empted this. Last year I wrote about their full fat Caramel Frappe dessert, and this year they seemed to have followed suit with two similar sounding ‘skinny’ puddings. The skinny refers to the fact these desserts are in the M&S ‘Count On Us’ lower calorie range with the Skinny Latte having just 120 calories, and the Chocolate Frappe 115 calories.

Skinny Latte
First up we have the Skinny Latte. As the calories seemed quite low I was surprised to see what looks like whipped cream on top of this pudding. Further investigation explained the answer, the neat swirl on top was in fact a low fat white chocolate mousse, quite clever from a decorative point of view, and it is even dusted with cocoa powder. This layer of mousse was sweet and tasty, and had a decent white chocolate flavour. Under this was a layer of chocolate sauce that was not that sweet, but added a fair chocolate flavour. The final, but most substantial layer, consisted of a lovely coffee mousse. It was light and fluffy, with a good rich coffee taste, that left a pleasant sweetness in the mouth. Really impressive to say its low fat.

Skinny Chocolate Frappe
On top of this dessert was a similar swirl of white chocolate mousse as with the previous Skinny Latte. It looks a little worse for wear in my photograph, but must have been damaged on my way home. I didn’t knowingly knock or drop the bag of shopping, so I guess these puddings are just a bit delicate.
Also as with the Skinny Latte underneath the white mousse was the same chocolate sauce, but underneath this one was a milk chocolate mousse. This mousse had a really nice flavour, again sweet and fluffy, and the chocolate had a rich cocoa base.
I was impressed by both of these desserts, but my favourite has to be the Skinny Latte as the coffee taste made a nice change with its rich tones. There are quite a few low fat chocolate mousses on the market, but coffee makes it just a bit more special. However both of these puddings have beautiful packaging, low calories and deliver a lovely sweet treat.
By Cinabar


BlahCooCooBlah said...

God that looks divine! Gonna go see if the M&S here have it! :)

cinabar said...

Yep, nice to see some low fat goodies about. I do like the M&S Count On Us range for a guilt free treat. The range practically disappeared over Christmas. :-(