1 January 2011

Skittles Tropical (Amazon UK) By [@SpectreUK]

This is the first of a set of five reviews of Skittles’ offerings. They aren’t widely available, but they can be located on Amazon and in CyberCandy. There are 250 Calories per 61.5g pack, of which 47g is sugar. If I didn’t like these Tropical Skittles, at least I’d have quite a bit of energy for a slow afternoon at work. I ripped open the packet and poured them out on my notepad to separate the flavours.

Banana Berry

Yellow coloured. These have a sweet, but not sickly banana flavour to them. The sweets have the usual Skittle crunchiness and although I think the berry flavour was apple, the sweet taste makes them hopelessly moreish.

Mango Tangelo

Orange coloured. This is a good mix of mango and orange. I’ve tried mango and orange flavoured cordial before and hated it, the mango just took over the orange taste and the drink tasted foul. This Skittle made up for that cordial with exactly the right balance of mango and orange.

Kiwi Lime

Green coloured. These Skittles were a step in a different direction. Every sweet packet generally has a flavour of sweet that takes you off your guard. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the mix of kiwi and lime go together very well. This Skittle is not as sweet as the last two flavours but is a welcome sour change whilst still staying routed in the tropical theme.

Strawberry Starfruit

Pink coloured. It’s back to the sweetness of the first two flavours with this Skittle. The starfruit takes over the strawberry flavour, which I found quite surprising as strawberry is usually such a dominant flavour. It’s certainly a welcome change and moves away from the norm.

Pineapple Passionfruit

Blue coloured. As neither fruit mentioned in the title is blue, I was initially quite confused by this flavour. There is a definite pineapple taste to these Skittles with an underlying passionfruit. Even though they were blue, I just couldn’t stop eating them.

Although not counted out equally, I did have a decent helping of each flavour. I was pleasantly surprised that I could pick out all the flavours in each of the Skittles. Mixing flavours can often be a bad thing and reaching a balance between them can be extremely difficult. Despite the sugar content, I was taken aback by the fact that not one of these Skittles tasted like food flavourings. I could pick out the fruits, they complemented each other, and once I’d finished the bag I greedily wanted another!
By Spectre

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