27 January 2011

Belgian Pocky in - Dark Chocolate [by @NLi10]

Here at FoodStuffFinds we love Pocky and need no excuse to pick up and try alternate versions.

We've covered the inverted Pocky before but only as Pejoy and I think that this is more the international version of the product. I mainly wanted to try this as it's the dark chocolate version and similar to my favourite - the ever so slightly gender inappropriate Pocky Mens.

Surprisingly the chocolate is softer and not as bitter in this version - maybe due to the Belgian tag meaning they used milder chocolate, but it does go well with the wafer (instead of the biscuit stick the outside is more of a wafer). It still has a satisfying crunch to it and the flavours do work well together.

I'd certainly buy these again, but I still crave the biscuit and intensely bitter chocolate of the real Pocky Mens.
By NLi10

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cinabar said...

Pocky are fab, such a simple idea - but it just works.