28 January 2011

Frank Roast Dinner [Crisps] (Walkers) [By @cinabar]

Walkers have got together with four comedians to create some new flavours – especially for Comic Relief. First up we have Frank Skinner’s Roast Chicken Dinner. I have to confess, Walkers Chicken are indeed one of my favourite flavours of crisps, so I had high hopes for these, and I was not to be disappointed.
Each crisp has the usual light Walkers texture, making it nice and easy to munch, but still with a decent amount of potato taste coming through.
The flavour is very much meaty and that of chicken, and it had a rich gravy essence on them too. There is an aftertaste which is salty, buttery and very herby (which seems to have hints of thyme) that gives the meatiness a good depth of flavour. In fact the herby aftertaste represents the stuffing remarkably well, and I was pleased to see that the crisps themselves are sprinkled with green specks of dried herbs. As a fan of chicken flavour crisps these certainly worked for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed their flavour. The other new tastes have a lot to contend with, but I’m still very much looking forward to trying them!
By Cinabar

All the new Walkers Flavours:

Frank Roast Dinner (Frank Skinner’s Roast Chicken Dinner)
Steak & Al Pie (Al Murray’s Steak & Ale Pie)
Jimmy Con Carne (Jimmy Carr’s Chilli Con Carne)
Stephen Fry Up (Stephen Fry’s Full English Fry Up)
Which ones are you looking forward to?


Paulham said...

The con carne ones seem the closest to the flavour intended.

cinabar said...

Ace- not tried them yet - but I have a bag. They sound the most different to regular flavours too. I'm also worried about any 'egg' taste in the Fry Up ones - I never did like the Builder Breakfast ones because of that.

Paulham said...

Then egg-spect the worst.
They are eggy.

cinabar said...

I actually like egg, proper egg with chips is heaven. But artifical sulphur egg... geez :-/

Anonymous said...

a fart in a bag.