5 January 2011

Milky Way – Thick Shake (Asda) By [@SpectreUK]

The bottle proudly states that this Milky Way Thick Shake tastes just like the usual Milky Way chocolate bar. It has 2% fat, no added sugar, no artificial colours or preservatives. It boasts its “Milk goodness” is a “source of calcium for teeth and bones”. There’s technical mumbo jumbo on the bottle that states each 200ml portion is 6% of an adults guideline daily amount of Kilo Calories, 17% of their sugar, 3% of their fat, 7% of their saturates and 6% of their salt. Yet here’s the thing, and it’s not a new thing as it happens all over the place in a variety of countless products - this bottle is 440ml, which is two and a bit portions! 200ml is not a lot for a daily portion and what do you do with the extra 40ml after you’ve carefully measured out your two guideline daily amounts? Do you seriously have to collect 40ml from the bottom of five bottles to make that 11th day portion? How much time do Mars think I have on my hands? The drink itself was a disappointment. There is a light smell of malt before you tuck in, then just the lightest hint of malt as you drink and even less of chocolate. Where was the Milky Way taste I was promised? There’s nothing unpleasant about this drink. It’s not over sweet or sour. It just tastes mainly of milk. I’d have been better off eating a Milky Way bar whilst drinking a bottle of milk. I drank the whole bottle after a short session on the weights and tried not to rant too much over the whole portion thing. Yet I still felt that I needed an energy boost, so I ended up watching Human Target whilst crunching on Mr Porky Pork Scratchings and downing another beer before bed. You just can’t get an energy boost from a “thick shake” like you used to!
By Spectre

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