2 January 2011

Triple Chocolate Crunch (Marks & Spencer) [By @NLi10]

Happy New Year, and welcome to the decade I have decided to call the Elevensies. This perfectly tea-time name lends itself perfectly to snacking as you can convincingly have either breakfast or lunch at 11:00 without causing too much suspicion. If you are eating your meals at regular times then 11 is the perfect time to have a mid morning snack and a cup of tea so I expect the Elevensies to herald a new era of snack excellence.

On this particular occasion I had breakfast at around 1pm - it's Jan 2nd, it happens! I thought I'd treat myself and open one of the boxes I got from M&S when stocking up on their Christmas range. For years now I've seen the M&S range as the perfect balance of posh, unusual food and things that I could actually afford. They do a great range of luxury puddings (which this year I struggled to find) and snacks but today I've gone back to non-raisin muesli type cereals.

This triple choc crunch has elegant poles of chocolate in with the usual clusters of cereal and also the occasional little block of chocolate. It really is quite a luxurious display of shades of brown and looks rather enticing. For me though the cereal is the most important part of the arrangement, and these clusters are somewhat underwhelming. I think that it is the fault of picky people like myself that sometimes ingredients get missed out and what this is a fairly bland cluster with no decent nuts, seeds or grain to speak of. All of the effort is in the chocolate, and while the choc is really nice I think that they could have gone a bit further with the cereal.

As a luxury product to give to guests or to have as a one off it's really nice. It has a total wow factor that most bowls of cereal do not have. I don't think it works as something to buy regularly and eat every day, the main part just isn't exciting. I'm a cereal-aholic and not a choc-aholic my views will not reflect those of everyone, if you know someone who has been looking for a breakfast that is all quality chocolate and less distracting cereal then this is surely worth a shot.
By NLi10


Paulham said...

Aldi do a similar product that is very good.
It is called Harvest Morn Chocolate Crunch

Anonymous said...

This has been my favourite cereal ever. If not for the slightly expensive price tag, I would be buying this all the time! Give it a second change. ;-)

cinabar said...

I will keep an eye out for the Aldi version, do like a bargain.