31 January 2011

Steak & Al Pie [Crisps] (Walkers) [By @cinabar]

This is the next of the four new flavours of Walkers crisps, released for Comic Relief, and sponsored by famous comedians. It’s not a typo in the title, the ‘Al’ refers to Al Murray’s choice of crisps.
Steak and Ale sounds like a good meaty flavour, so I was rather looking forward to these despite Al Murray not being one of my favourite comedians. I opened the pack and inhaled the aroma, and I have to say they smelt remarkable like beef crisps. Don’t get me wrong, I was expecting a beef aroma, but I was just a little worried by the smell that they had failed to develop the taste further. When I delved in I did spot that these had a different distinct flavour, but only just. The beef kicks in, and it is followed by a yeasty light ale taste, but it is rather subtle. If you regularly eat the meaty flavours, then these will hit the spot, the beef taste makes them very moreish, and enjoyable and I really liked them. They are nice crisps, with an easy win formula, and although not that different to flavours I’ve tried before are still rather tasty.
By Cinabar

All the new Walkers Flavours:
Frank Roast Dinner (Frank Skinner’s Roast Chicken Dinner)
Steak & Al Pie (Al Murray’s Steak & Ale Pie)

Jimmy Con Carne (Jimmy Carr’s Chilli Con Carne)

Stephen Fry Up (Stephen Fry’s Full English Fry Up)

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