1 February 2011

Cadbury Bournville Biscuits (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

I suppose after the lovely selection of biscuits we have had from Cadbury’s recently, that Bournville was the natural next choice in the range. I also have to confess that recently I have grown a soft spot for Bournville chocolate. I know it is a mass produced bar, and I realise that some chocolate connoisseurs scoff at its lower cocoa percentage, but I think it fills a gap in the market. High 70%+ chocolate has its place – but what do we all seem to have against the mid range sweet but dark chocolate? There seems to be a stigma against it, despite people happily buying milk chocolate or indeed even white. It’s a sweet rich chocolaty fix, and deserves its place.
Okay, rant over – back to the biscuits. Each biscuit consists of a thick biscuit base, a layer of a Bournville truffle and a decent coating of Bournville chocolate. The filling is soft, but still has quite a thick consistency and adds a nice change in texture compared to the crunchy biscuit. The flavour from these is gorgeous though, really rich and chocolaty and works perfectly with the biscuit. I wasn’t expecting it to be, but these are actually my favourite in the range of Cadbury biscuits. Perfect for that mid afternoon lull, with a nice cup of coffee.
By Cinabar


Ana said...

They look yummy :D :D :D

I certainly don't have anything against the mid-range dark chocolate. I actually like it better than extreme dark chocolate. My favourite kinds of chocolate are mild dark chocolate and higher cocoa content milk chocolate. I don't like my chocolate too bitter. The percentage above which chocolate gets too bitter for me depends on the producer, because one can make a 52% that tastes more bitter than another's 70%.

cinabar said...

So true - Ive had quite a sweet 80% before now and really liked it, but some get to 70% and manage to have an overly bitter tone.

Glad you too like mid range dark choc, I think it is such an over looked variety - but it really is the best of both. :-)