7 February 2011

Snickers Maximus [UK Limited Edition] (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

I’m always excited to find a new chocolate bar out in the UK, and a Limited Edition is always going to get my purchase. This particular Snickers bar has done away with the usual nougat layer in order to leave room for an extra helping of caramel and peanuts. As someone who is a fan of such flavours, I have to say this bar really worked for me. I realise that the nougat adds a variation to the texture, with its firm base, but I thought the bar managed without. The caramel easily replaces any sweetness the nougat may have produced, and actually ups its game for those with a sweet tooth. I love all the extra peanuts mingling their salty nutty taste with the rich caramel and chocolate coating. It is a wholesome feeling bar, that tastes wonderfully substantial. I like the mix of textures, the caramel is soft, but not runny or oozing, it is solid enough to hold the bar together.
Spectre tried one of these bars, but he is one of ‘those’ people who aren’t that keen on nuts in chocolate. I asked him if he liked it, he said it would be better without the peanuts... I said you mean you want a MilkyWay Caramel – “yeah” he replied... I’m just not sure he gets Snickers!
For the rest of you, if you like nuts, chocolate and caramel, this new bar is going to be a total win. My only slight disappointment is the safe nature of this bar. In terms of a new release, it seems it is essentially a case of market research saying “The Brits like caramel, lets add more of that”. Yes it is a lovely bar, but I would love to see something a little more interesting in the new product lines. In other countries they have had Snickers Almond, Snickers Fudge and Snickers The Lot (with crispies in it), I’m a little bit jealous.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

I have to say I thought it near identical to a normal Marathon ( yes, it is) in terms of the chewiness and could not tell that the nougat had been removed.
I expected it to be a lot softer than it was.
Bring back Mars bars with malt in them, I say!

Anonymous said...

nom nom nom

cinabar said...

Paulham - it really isn't the most innovative or interesting new bar. Have you tried the Cruncher Edition? ITs foreign, but turns up in pound shops - has loads of yummy nuts.

Anon / Dining - glad you enjoyed it ;-)

NLi10 said...

Think I prefer the nougat, but the extra nuts are nice.