9 February 2011

Opies Pickled Walnuts in Malt Vinegar (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Opies have been around since 1880. That should be enough time to perfect the recipe for these pickled walnuts. Having said that, 130 years should be enough time to perfect anything to be honest! The walnuts Opies use are harvested before they form their shells. The walnuts are cooked and then marinated in malt vinegar. The rather smart jar that these pickled walnuts are wedged into states proudly how pickled walnuts can go with anything from cheeses, cold meats, and salads, as well as diced in pasta, meat and game dishes. Black in colour, these explosive walnuts are soft and tender. I say "explosive" as I picked up the first one with a fork and tried to bite it black vinegar spurted in all directions. I managed to save my shirt, but not my chin or my pride. It’s best to cut these soft fat wet walnuts on a plate. They have a good sweet nutty spice, followed by a sour acidic taste from the malt vinegar. This is one of the best healthy pickled snack foods I have tried to date and will go well on every cheese, meat and pickles spread I have from now on.
By Spectre


Dreich said...

Not my cup of tea but I remember seeing Opies brand whilst working over Christmas, they don't seem to be that popular, in Scotland anyways.

cinabar said...

Don't think they are that popular in England sadly either. The walnuts were lovely though, despite being darn ugly, they are a nice alternative to pickled onions.