7 February 2011

Traditional Chocolate Lollies (vanillastick.com) [By @Cinabar]

I just wanted to do a shout out about these fabulous chocolate lollipops from Vanilla Stick http://www.vanillastick.com/ They are beautifully decorated and come in a wonderful selection of designs, do check out their website.
My first thought when I got these was do I bite in, and rush or take my time, eat it slowly and lick? The chocolate that they are made with is of a wonderful quality. It has a thick rich melt that coats the tongue nicely as you tuck in. The lollies have a good cocoa flavour offset by a smooth creaminess. If you are looking for a novel gift that really stands out, do have a look at their website. Vanilla Stick have taken chocolate art to another level, and with Valentines just around the corner, you really can’t go wrong.
By Cinabar

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