13 February 2011

Puffed Rice - 'rude health' (Sainsbury's) [by @NLi10]

While inspecting the gluten free section I came across this in the same rude health range as the banana porridge that I reviewed previously. As that was of a very high quality I thought I'd brave this particular package.

The concept of puffed rice isn't a new one, these are pretty much sugar puffs without the sugar. This caused my brain a small amount of confusion - it's decidedly grown up to have a breakfast cereal with no added sugar, fruit or anything like that. Fortunately there are flavours to be found, and while these are quite earthy they are also interesting and worth a try. I guess it tastes like rice! As there is no protective outer layer of sugar to keep the rice safe the milk attacks quite early on and makes them less crunchy than the competitors, but as the centres are still crisp it's not a mushy breakfast.
I've used these as a mixer with other cereals and they go quite well with some of the sweeter ones like Weetos, but I think I prefer them solo. It's not a fancy cereal, and it's not going to win many awards from people looking for excitement, but it's a darn solid cereal and one you could give to your parents without them looking at you as if you are still 8 and buying whichever box has the best toy or promises the most sugar.
As far as it's 'gluten free' status goes I happy to report that this is a completely normal cereal that happens to not contain gluten. I'm sure that a lot of rice based cereals are also gluten free, but the fact that they are proud to display this fact and still have a flavour to match the popular brands is definitely a selling point in my book.
by NLi10

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