23 February 2011

Ryvita: Cracked Black Pepper (Waitrose) [By Cinabar’s Mum]

And now for a guest post from my mum!

My favourite Ryvita are the pumpkin and sunflower seed variety. I keep a pack of these in the cupboard and often have them with cheese and fruit for a light lunch. Yesterday I went to Waitrose with Cinabar and Spectre, we needed a few items. However Cinabar found plenty of new and interesting products for Foodstuff Finds. Spectre found all the tempting goodies just too much for him, the trolley got fuller and fuller until we look as if we were preparing for a very long siege! While we were there, I spotted this new Black Pepper variety and decided to try a packet. I tried two with some Havarti cheese, the Ryvita was lovely and crisp, there is a pleasant tang of black pepper that left a tingle and warmth in the mouth.
These are a good addition to the Ryvita family, and are lovely with cheese. They would also compliment salmon pate with a squeeze of lemon, and are very enjoyable for a quick, light lunch.
By Cinabar’s Mum


Dreich said...

Not sure how these are new, I was sorting them over Christmas. I think you get a marmite flavour of crispbreads too.

Dreich said...

Not by Ryvita though, well I don't think so.

cinabar said...

I don't really eat crisp breads myself, and there is NO way my mum would have Marmite ones! Will ask her though ;-)

I do like Marmite myself - but wasn't keen on the Marmite chocolate or Marmite cereal bars they've brought recently.