2 February 2011

Tic Tac Cherry Passion (WH Smith) [By @SpectreUK]

First produced in 1969, Tic Tacs have been available in their flip top transparent plastic boxes ever since. Each box usually weighs around 18g and has roughly 36 Tic Tacs inside. In the past flavours have ranged from peppermint to chocolate, and cinnamon to raspberry. My favourite flavour has always been orange flavour. Boring maybe, but I like to thinks it’s traditional, as the orange flavour was always the most available when I was a youngster. These Cherry Passion Tic Tacs have been brought out recently. They have red coloured Tic Tacs for the cherry flavour and bright yellow Tic Tacs for the passionfruit flavour. The cherry Tic Tacs have a fresh cherry flavour to them that’s not overpowering or distasteful, which as a cherry flavouring hater I was pleasantly surprised by. The passionfruit has a good fruity flavouring that’s also not too strong. When added together both the Tic Tac flavours complement each other very well and I soon found myself dumping both flavours into my mouth quite happily. I was also reminded that two Tic Tacs can still wedge each other in tight when they get side by side in the transparent box. There was no way I could get my finger in the top flap, so I had to use a biro top to release them like I used to when I was a lad. Ah! The good old days…
By Spectre


  1. Sounds fab!

    There were some horrid cherry menthol ones they did a while back which were vile but these sound good.

    Orange are my fave too!

  2. I always like the cinnamon ones you can get imported from America - sweet and spicy = yum!

  3. I discovered these on Orkney last year and absolutely love them! What I nevery tried, is to eat a cherry and a passion fruit at the same time, always seperate. Weird, how the obvious sometimes escapes me. ;-) Must try combining them now. :-)

  4. If it makes you feel any better I always eat desserts layer by layer - and have to remind myself that I should try all the layers together - to see what it is supposed to taste like. ;-)


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