6 February 2011

Meiji Choco Beanshoots: Green Tea (CyberCandy) [By @NLi10]]

Hooray, More Green Tea!

These were a Christmas gift from my little sister (cool wrapping via Paperchase) and as there are not that many to the box I have been saving them up.

I'm not sure why but these are cones of biscuit covered in green-tea flavoured chocolate in the shape of an acorn. They are made in Japan though which possibly accounts for some of this madness. I love the little snack boxes they do - the individually wrapped items and the printing on the inside and outside of the box just adds to the special feeling you get from items like this. We really don't go the whole hog with luxury snacks in the UK and I think that people like Nestle are missing a trick or two by offering us bulk snacks but few grown up treats.

The little packets are tough to open but once inside the little sweets actually look pretty much identical to the pictures on the box. The chocolate is a little fondanty for most UK tastes, but it's similar to Pocky and has a taste like I would expect Green Tea Pocky to have. I did have to double check the flavour as it's not all that identifiable, but the aftertaste is certainly that of tea and really quite pleasant.

The biscuity centre is just there for texture and shape and doesn't intrude into the flavour. I got 7 in the box which is great as it's a lucky number (n_n) but bad as it doesn't leave much room for sharing (u_u). I always feel I'm missing out on part of the experience by not being able to read all the box but the CyberCandy import sticker helpfully translates the ingredients - maybe they could move on to translating the blurb so we can see if it's a health benefit snack, or just some fun facts.
By NLi10


Jisoo said...

Hello. I happened to read your post. It is so fun to experience and feel the UK color (
Your office tea time etc)
By the way, dakenoko means bamboo shoot (
It is limited spring version),and this snack is one of the most beloved chocolate snack through all ages in Japan. The rival is kinokono yama(
mushroom shape)

cinabar said...

Thanks for your comment and translation. Glad you enjoyed the post. I will keep an eye out for kinokono, see if it appears in any import shops. If it does, we will be writing about it very shortly. :-)

NLi10 said...

I've had the mushroom shape before - I'm not sure whether I reviewed it but I probably did!

Thanks for the comments - I hope you fin our snacks just as curious. :)