14 February 2011

Love Potion No. 9 Hot Chocolate (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

Happy Valentines everyone!

If you are sitting down to a romantic Valentines evening in, I wonder if you too are brewing up a mug of Marks & Spencer seasonal hot chocolate? I decide to make a nice warm mug, and pulled out the tactile glass stopper from the jar. I was more than a little surprised to find that in order to make one (large) mugs worth the amount of product required was nearly a quarter of the jar!
It smelt wonderfully aromatic as the chocolate flakes dissolved into the hot milk, and it came together nicely, melting easily. I had whiffs of dark chocolate and a fresh herby smell that seemed quite appealing.
I took my first sip and my initial reaction wasn’t great, it was a strong flavour and I immediately thought that it needed sugar. The jar does state that you can add sugar to taste, but I decide to leave off this and try and get a feel for the depth of flavours. It is a strange exotic taste, with a good kick of basil mixed in for good measure. There was a hint of rose, and as a Turkish delight fan, I should have liked it, but with the mix of other flavours including the over powering spicy clove it was all just a bit much. I really didn’t think I could finish my mug at all, my taste buds were having problems coming to terms with the complex nature of the taste. To be honest, the more I drank the more the flavour grew on me. Not to the extent where I actually liked it and would buy another jar, but to the stage where I was at least able to finish my mug. It was all a bit much for me, and not the wonderfully romantic soothing drink I had hoped for at all. I know it is supposed to be a ‘potion’, but it shouldn’t really taste medicinal!
By Cinabar

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