5 February 2011

James White: Beet It – Organic Beetroot Juice (Westmoreland Service Station) [By @SpectreUK]

I have no idea what masochistic tendency drove me to pick this bottle up at the service station farm shop near Penrith. James White has been farm pressing fruit juices in Ipswich since 1993, with products such as Big Tom (the Queen’s favourite tomato juice), apple juice and ginger beer. This organic beetroot juice sounds like a nightmare to the tastebuds. Apparently 10% apple juice is added to this drink to dull down the earthy beetroot flavour. I know that Cinabar hates beetroot. The bottle proudly states that beetroot juice is a natural source of dietary nitrate. I noticed Cinabar heave a little at the earthy beetroot smell that filled the room when I opened the bottle. I realised pretty quickly from the overpowering smell that there was no way I could drink this slowly to savour the taste. Just imagine the purpled blood red liquid lapping at the sides staining the inside of the bottle, the thick gloopy air surrounding the plastic bottle rank with beetroot. I have to admit, I heaved a little myself. Taking a deep breath I downed the small bottle in one foul swoop. I managed to control my stomach as the beetroot juice poured into my throat. There was no trace of apple juice that I could identify, only the hard earthy taste of beetroot. I have no idea what it would taste like without the edge taken off it by apple juice, and I dread to think. On the upside each bottle sold donates 1p to the William Harvey Research Institute, which is a centre for blood pressure and cardio-vascular research. On the downside Cinabar refused to kiss me for the rest of the evening, the inside of my mouth was stained a reddish purple and I couldn’t get the taste of beetroot out of my mouth for over an hour (milk helps, orange juice was useless…). The things I do for Foodstuff Finds!!
By Spectre

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