24 February 2011

Fresh Ricotta & Tender Spinach - Giovanni Rana (Asda) [By @NLi10]

While doing regular shopping and not particularly looking out for review stocks I spotted that the Giovanni Rana range has now been added to Asda's shelves, and at £1.60 a packet it's cheaper than I remembered from other supermarkets. Maybe this is a special offer, but I took it as a sign that I should try out the vegetarian version of Spinach and Ricotta.

While I'm happy to eat this cheesy combo I'd much rather have the meat option, but I was hoping to be able to detect the spinach overpowering the cheese. While these are not as saucy as the meat variety they are definitely much softer in texture than the other brands and were really quite nice. With the strong flavours of the rocket salad and balsamic vinegar I'd added these went very well and left room for desert.

I think that as a 1 min snack (once you've boiled the water) then these are again a great example of quality convenience foods that outdo traditional British efforts like Pot Noodle and Cup-A-Soup in terms of their nutritional value and won't get you teased by your partner for eating bachelor chow. In fact Ms. NLi10 shared the packet with me and thought they were quite nice; not bad for a meal you can make in the advert breaks.

I'll stop going on about this brand now, I'm pretty sure I found the fresh, filled pasta Gold Standard and unless they bring more varieties over I think there are just two kinds in the UK. And hey - if Mr. Rana wants me to pop over to Italy to try anything else out I'd be happy to go over and then talk about it some more on here.
By NLi10

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