4 February 2011

Original Smoked Back Bacon Butty [Feasters] [By @Cinabar]

Bacon is one of the world’s greatest flavours, its smoky meatiness makes it such a simple pleasure. Feasters have created this microwavable bacon butty, so it’s easy to have a bacon sarnie while on the go.
Inside the pack is a bread bun filled with two generous rashers of bacon and a sachet of tomato sauce. You have to take the bacon butty out of the pack to microwave it, so I placed it on a plate, and zapped it for the required minute. Once it was hot, I opened up the butty, spread the ketchup on one side of the bread, and reassembled it. The bacon was lovely and meaty and fresh, the ketchup added a required sweet tang, and the whole sandwich made for a lovely tasty lunch. The only negative point I found was that the bread became slightly heavier than regular bread when it was cooked, giving it a slightly chewier texture. It is to be expected though, that texture is common on bread that has been in the microwave.
I love bacon, and really enjoyed this bacon butty. It was quick and easy to prepare, and is perfect for when I’m at work – where the only cooking equipment is just a microwave. Now if they could just pack the smell of frying bacon in that box too, that would be perfect!


Dreich said...

I really dislike Feasters, I find their products to be pretty inferiour to the likes of Rustlers. I've had a few of Feasters products and just found them to be quite sweet and dry and their burgers especially to be pretty bad.

cinabar said...

I've not actually tried their burgers(!) - but their bacon sarnie was really good. I have seen they also have fish finger sandwiches - which I'm going to have to try for novelty factor.
I will also keep an eye out for the Rustlers range too, thank you for the tip.