12 February 2011

Skittles: Sour (amazon.co.uk) [By @SpectreUK]

Continuing my season of five Skittles packets that aren’t widely available unless you buy them from Amazon or Cyber Candy, Skittles Sour makes me hope for face twisting fun on a dull rainy Thursday afternoon at work. Having said that, there are still 200 calories per 51g pack, and 37g of which is sugar. I ripped open this latest bag and separated out the flavours. Whoohoo, no cherry flavour…!


Red coloured. On opening the packet I was surprised to see that all the Skittles have sour sugar stuck to their outsides. This made them pretty sticky and lots of the flavours had left colours on each other in the packet. Presentation aside these strawberry Skittles tasted very nice, with a hint of sour drowning amongst the sweetness.


Orange coloured (no surprises there). Slightly sourer than the strawberry flavour, the Orange Skittles had a minor medicinal flavour that made me think of some sort of orange flavoured tablets for sick children.


Yellow coloured. These Skittles tasted just like the lemon flavour of Starburst Sour Chews! Very tasty, but….


Green coloured. The most sour flavoured Skittles of the packet so far. They have a good lime taste and a face twisting punch at the end of each mouthful. Nice! :-p


Purple coloured. Although not face twistingly sour these Skittles are almost as sour as the lime flavour. They have that weird flavouring taste feeling like its straight from the lab, where the guy in the white coat, who has never tasted a real grape before, made up the taste to what he imagined it would taste like. Blah!
By Spectre


Sakura said...

I think they are re-launching sour Skittles in the UK, I bought some last week with a "new" label on in Tesco.

Rodzilla said...

careful with these - excessive sour skittle consumption leads to one of the most painful candy related injuries around - the cut roof of your mouth.

stuartfanning said...

Hardly a new product! They have been out in the UK for years!

cinabar said...

Sakura - cool, I will keep an eye out for these.

Rodzilla - lol, I have been there. Done that with War Heads - eek

Stuart - Not everything we write about is new (although a lot is), some are just things we haven't tried before. Also coming up are the American Skittles Fizzled. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm only 15 but sour skittles have been widely available in the uk for as long as i can remember

cinabar said...

They go in and out of sale though. They have recently relaunched Skittle Confused and called it 'new' too... :-/