20 February 2011

The Co-operative own brand fresh filled pasta [By @Nli10] (Co-op)

A while back I waxed lyrical about discovering that not all store bought pasta parcels were dry, solid husks as I discovered Giovanni Rana and added it to the 'things I am evangelical about' list. Turns out it's a big brand in Italy (thanks to an Italian User's comment on the post) and even has restaurants.

As I'd not tried them previously I decided when in my most favourite of supermarkets (I'm a member and everything) to try the Co-op fresh pastas. On test we have Italian Sausage & Ham Tortelloni & cheese and sun-dried tomato Ravioli. I shall lump them together unceremoniously as the overall experience was similar except for the meaty vs veggie version of them.

Essentially while these are a step above the Aldi versions (having a decent flavour and more texture) they are still fairly dry inside. The different shapes are good, and these are certainly not budget in terms of the pasta (2 for £3 is a bargain too) but overall I'd rather have one packet of the Giovanni Rana than two of these. They were certainly nice, but not amazing.
This was also from the co-op, and is mini versions of the pasta parcel idea. Nice enough (and spicy too) and very cheap for the quality as it's a new brand, but still not saucy with actual bits of ingredients. Looks like I'm going out hunting for more Giovanni Rana stuff then - & whenever I go on deluxe missions that usually means Waitrose. If you know of any other fresh pasta with liquid contents then please comment!

By Nli10

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Anonymous said...

I like the tesco italian ones! Chicken and bacon tortelloni