15 February 2011

Mr Kipling – Spotted Dick Slices (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Spotted Dick is a classic British pudding, usually consisting of a vanilla sponge, packed with currants and served with hot custard. What we have here is a convenient slice of cake, made with the dried fruit and topped with custard flavoured icing, attempting to give the feel of the usual dessert.
As with all the Mr Kipling cake slices I have tried, the sponge was lovely and moist. It was sweet too and had a nice hint of spice, brown sugar and toffee like taste. I liked the currants within it as they added texture and extra sweetness, as well as delivering a nice bit of extra moisture.
My favourite part was the custard flavoured icing, this was simply genius and I have literally no idea why I haven’t seen it before! My K should really use this new icing flavour on other cake slices, the possibilities are endless and the substance is divine.
It might not fully replace a hot dessert after a roast dinner, but these cakes certainly deliver a lovely Spotted Dick flavour, and are a bit more suitable for an afternoon coffee. A really nice innovative product, it’s nice to see something a bit different on the shelves and that icing really is the bee’s knees.
By Cinabar


  1. umm nice, is the custard topping really good cos its the custard thats the cherry on the cake for me.

  2. Its not as good as having a healthy splash or real custard, but it is darn fine flavour for an icing. :-)

  3. It looks delicious. As most of the other Mr Kipling cake slices :)

  4. think they may have some other 'classic dessert' flavours out - Ive got my eyes open ;-)

  5. Just finished a pack of these i ate over 3 days, they are highly original and rally tasty & more so with a cup of tea,i was lucky enough to find my box of spoted dick slices on the going out of date bread trolley in Morrisons and got them for 29p, there were several boxes on the trolley and i wish i had picked them all and froze them.....Mr kipling spotted dick slices with custard topping,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty treat. :)

  6. Why Cant i get them anymore?

  7. I'm afraid the Mr K range does keep changing... bound to be some nice cakes available from them though. There is a fresh frangipane on its way, a bit of a first for the Kipling brand.
    I'm keeping my eye out for any cakes that feature the custard icing in the future - it rocked!


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