26 February 2011

Skittles – Fizzl’d Fruits (Amazon.co.uk) [By SpectreUK]

Completing my season of five Skittles packets that aren’t widely available unless you buy them from Amazon or Cyber Candy, Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits states on the packet that they are “fizzling fun for your mouth”. I was expecting popping candy from that statement, but how would popping candy work in Skittles? I had no idea but there are still 200 calories per 51g pack, and 35g of which is sugar. I ripped open this final bag and separated out the flavours, whilst taking note that these were covered in some sort of sugar like the Skittles Sours. No popping candy then...?


Pink coloured. There was a mild strawberry flavour to these skittles, but it was barely sweet and definitely not sour. No, no popping candy. I was glad there weren’t many in the packet.

Wild Cherry

Red coloured. I felt there was a sharp unpleasant bubblegum cherry flavour to these Skittles that was overpowering and strangely over exaggerated. As a cherry flavouring hater I thought these were the worst cherry flavoured sweets I have ever tasted in my whole life! No really!


Blue coloured. Again the sugar coating seemed to dull the sweetness of these Skittles making me want to taste the raspberry underneath and scrape off the coating. There was a brief taste of raspberry which was snatched away after a moment during eating. I was left feeling a little robbed.

Melon Berry

Green coloured. I thought here was a sharp almost chemical taste to these Skittles that was remarkably unpleasant. I disliked the cherry ones, but believe me I disliked these more!

Berry Punch

Purple coloured. Okay, so the blackcurrant flavour of these Skittles actually married well with the unpleasant coating to produce the only decent sweet in this strange and oddly flavoured bag of Skittles.
By Spectre

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