3 February 2011

Organic Cha Soba Green Tea Noodles [by @NLi10]

I like products that combine two different things that I like. These things do not have to be logical, or naturally sit together on the food system. For example did you know that tuna and chocolate toasties are really nice? It's milk chocolate obviously - white chocolate goes better with ham! Also peanut butter & chocolate spread go well together on a sandwich or toastie, this combination also freaks people out until you remind them of the existence of Snickers and then they seem to understand. Sometimes crazy flavours can become the norm.

Here we have noodles that contain green tea. They are strong enough in flavour so that when you boil them it smells like you have made tea. As I had visitors when I made them the first time I have not yet drunk the water to see how strong the flavour is, but it certainly felt like I was pouring tea away when I drained them.

Flavour wise these are great. The tea taste is authentic and not overpowering and adds a fantastic base note to whatever delights you stir fry to go with them. You only get 3 portions in a pack so I'm going to have to remember which of my many little oriental shops I found these in and go back for more.

I wouldn't eat these every day, they are fairly pricy compared to other dry noodles, but as a special treat or to pep up an otherwise ordinary meal these are perfect.
by NLi10


Unknown said...

On the peanut butter and chocolate spread, I take it a step further and add some Marshmallow Fluff! Now that's a sweet sandwich :)

cinabar said...

Wow - I think you may have a sweeter tooth than me! ;-)

S.Emerald said...

I've seen these in my store. I've always wanted to try them, but I don't know what to serve them as. Are they dessert noodles or just noodles that can be served with anything?

Anonymous said...

I think I've had these before, that or it was another brand. Anyway, I remember them being really good.